What is the most effective way to use Dial Complete® foaming hand wash in order to get the best germ kill?
For maximum effectiveness, pump the foam onto dry hands, lather vigorously for 15-20 seconds, then rinse.

Is it better to use warm or cold water when washing my hands with Dial Complete® ?
Water temperature does not affect the amount of germs killed.

What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial?
Antibacterial means that the product is effective against bacteria or that it kills bacteria. Antimicrobial means effective against bacteria AND yeast. Dial Complete® has been proven to kill both bacteria and yeast, so it is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.

What is the best product to use - Dial® Bar, Liquid Dial®, Dial Complete® foaming hand wash, or Dial® Hand Sanitizer?
It depends on the situation and personal preference. Dial® Bar, Dial Complete® foaming hand wash and Liquid Dial® soap can all be used when water is available, while Dial® Hand Sanitizer is used without water.
  • Dial® Bar is for cleansing and killing germs on the hands or whole body.
  • Liquid Dial® soap is for cleansing and killing germs on the hands. Dial Complete® foaming hand wash is for cleansing and extra-strength germ kill, and should be used in high risk situations such as those involving cooking, changing diapers, taking out the garbage and being around sick individuals.
  • Dial® Hand Sanitizer is not designed to clean hands, but just to kill germs. Since it is used without water, Dial® Hand Sanitizer is ideal for use away from home, or to supplement hand washing in the home.

How do I operate the Dial Complete® pump?
Turn the pump head counter-clockwise until it aligns with the notch in the cap. Then press the pump several times to prime it for continuous flow.

How many uses are in a 7.5 oz bottle of Dial Complete® foaming handwash?
Approximately 130 pumps per bottle, which is equivalent to the uses in a 7.5 oz. bottle of a traditional, thick liquid hand soap.

How much soap (volume) is dispensed compared to other traditional liquid soaps?
Every pump dispenses approximately the same amount (weight) as traditional, thick liquid hand soaps in 7.5 oz. pump bottles.

The pump has stopped working or is pumping out much less than before.
The air chamber in the pump head has probably filled with liquid. Remove the pump head and turn upside down in the sink. Pump it until the chamber is empty, rinse out your sink and put the pump head back on the bottle.

Is Dial Complete® brand FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved?
All antibacterial soap products are regulated by the FDA as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Dial Complete® foaming hand wash has been tested to ensure it meets all FDA OTC safety and efficacy requirements.

Was Dial Complete® tested on animals?
No animal testing was conducted.
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